Marzocchi’s 50-year history in suspension yielded impressive customers such as Ducati, BMW, KTM and even Ferrari’s Formula One team. However, Marzocchi needed a serious face-lift with its mountain bike suspension efforts. S3 began the transformation with a new corporate logo and product graphics, a compelling advertising campaign, and all aspects of marketing and cutting-edge design needed to propel them to the top. The combination of these efforts made the Marzocchi Bomber one of the most visibly recognized must-have mountain biking products available. In just three years, the Bomber became the top-selling suspension fork in the U.S. aftermarket category. Marzocchi’s commitment to the fully integrated marketing approach and consistent interaction with S3 was the key to fulfilling their goals. S3’s pivotal work laid the foundation for what the brand is today.

Services Provided:

Brand Strategies • Advertising. Consumer, Trade • Media Planning • Event Promotions • Trade Show Booths/Displays • Copywriting • PR / e-Blasts • OE Communications Internal Communications • Packaging/Graphics • Product Graphics • Merchandise